We provide Inspection and Expediting services to Clients as per requirements.

We have an excellent network of qualified engineers throughout India to ensure on time Local Inspection.

On time reporting with photos helps Clients to undertake necessary corrective action.

We also undertake Pre-shipment Inspection as per requirement of the Client.

Our team of Inspectors have past experience of Inspecting various type of Products for Chemical, Water Treatment, Fertilizer, Automobile, Aerospace, Nuclear and Oil and Gas Industry.

Our mission is to ensure Client requirements are met during manufacturing and delivery of the product.

We offer following services under Inspection and Expediting

· Stage wise Inspection

· Final Inspection

· Expediting

· Shop Surveillance / Audit prior to ordering for capability

· Project Inspection

· Source Inspection

· Pre-shipment Inspection

· Chartered Engineering Services as per requirement of Govt. of India.

· NDT Services

REALWEAR (Hands-free, Head-Mounted Wearable for Remote Inspection)

It connects the Clients to Inspector for real time information and troubleshooting. Successfully completes job tasks safely and efficiently.

Realwear HMT-1 is also available on Rent as per request. Feel free to contact us on your requirements